The Conference Centre has 14 rooms with a total capacity of about 2.000 seats:  Newton Hall, more than 800 seats; Archimede and Averroé Halls, with 150 seats each one; Saffo Hall, with 100 seats; Theatre, 270 seats; Multifunctional rooms, from 10 to 80 places.

The complex is equipped with exhibition areas and open spaces simply perfect for hosting important events: the Gallery, of about 400 square meters, the heart of the Convention Center, located on the ground floor of structure, which guarantees maximum convenience and easy access and it can be connected to the Multifunctional roomsand to the Tensile Structure, an additional space of over 500 square meters, air-conditioned and completely integrated with the Gallery.

Furthermore, the Conference Centre has numerous gardens and outdoor spaces: the Amphitheatre for over 1.200 seats, and the great Piazza della Musica, over 2000 square meters, ideal location for shows, social events, post-conference entertainment, concerts and outdoor cinema.

The Congress Centre has also a large parking for over 400 cars, and a 400 sq m Restaurant, where it’s possible to organize lunches and dinners for up to 300 people.

Since March 2017, the Congress Centre has been enriched with new spaces:

Corporea is the first interactive museum in Italy and in Europe entirely dedicated to the issues of health and the human body, with over 5000 square meters distributed between the Museum, social events and two terraces facing the sea: an original location, prestigious and at the same time unusual. It is possible to organize in the museum rooms, at closing time to the public, social events and exclusive visits. The Planetarium, with 120 seats, is one of the largest in Italy with its spectacular shows in 3D and it can be used for exclusive meetings, spectacular shows and special events.

The Conference Centre of Città della Scienza is a modern location, the most significant of Southern Italy, characterized by a large system of rooms, spaces and services, located in a strategic position, near the sea, between Naples and Pozzuoli.

In an industrial area and in an old converted factory, Città della Scienza in 2003 realized his modern Conference Center that meets the different needs of the congress world, having rooms from 10 to 820 seats, exhibition areas, outdoor spaces, a restaurant, a theater, an amphitheater and new spaces available from March 2017: Corporea, and the Planetarium.

Città della Scienza- Meeting Rooms

Sala Newton821 seats
Sala Archimede150 seats
Sala Averroè150 seats
Sala Saffo100 seats
Saletta Montessorifrom 10 to 80 seats
Saletta Bachfrom 10 to 80 seats
Saletta Vicofrom 10 to 80 seats
Saletta Modottifrom 10 to 80 seats
Saletta Vivaldifrom 10 to 80 seats
Saletta Ippocratefrom 10 to 80 seats
Planetario113 seats
Galleria400 mq
Outdoor Anfitheatre1200 seats
Music SquareAbout 1000 mq
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