In the Eastern area of Naples, namely in the Ponticelli District, stands the Parco Merola. This residential compound was built after the 1980 earthquake and currently hosts 160 families. Within this Park, now fully known as the Parco dei Murales, i.e. Graffiti Park, a restoration project was started in 2015, following the actions and activities undertaken by INWARD, the Italian National Observatory on Urban Creativity, involving the local communities, as well as public, private and no-profit entities, both at the local and at the national level, as time went by.

This restoration project has its beating heart in the Centro Territoriale per la Creatività Urbana, that is to say the Territorial Center for Urban Creativity. Its activities usually start with listening to the locals and their feedback, especially through several gaming and creative activities, up to significant street art works, painted by internationally renowned artists. The visitors to the Parco dei Murales can admire a painting cycle involving eight murals at the moment. Each of these eight works of art intends to provide an input towards effective regeneration, as they give life to eight universal values, that is to say integration, games, reading, sports, motherhood, solidarity, territory and care.

The Parco dei Murales is free to access. Furthermore, thanks to the guided tours offered by experts in the field, visitors may listen to the whole story of a project now held in high esteem as a case of good practices, also thanks to the services offered by the Cooperativa Sociale Arginalia, a social entity established to help the local youth in Eastern area of Naples.