Campania. Land of Excellences.

The Campania Region is not only one of the most fascinating Italian territories thanks to its historic, artistic and naturalistic value. It is also one of the most productive Regions in the Peninsula, and the most industrialized area in South Italy. The international Airport of Napoli, the most important in South Italy, together with the presence of excellent infrastructures and the high quality hospitality and congress offer, are a good match for the numerous key industry sectors located in the area. This creates the ideal environment for successful meetings in the Campania Region. Every province developed its peculiar commercial and scientific clusters: from the gold to the tannery, from the footwear and textiles to the food district, discover what are the most famous and richest expertise in the Campania Region!

The agri-food district of Nocera Inferiore – Gragnano

The footwear – textiles – clothing district

which includes:

  • The tannery district of Solofra
  • The textiles district of Sant’Agata dei Goti, Casapulla, San Marco dei Cavoti, Aversa, Trentola Ducenta
  • The textiles district of di San Giuseppe Vesuviano
  • The footwear district of Grumo Nevano – Aversa

The gold and jewelry districts

The aerospace district (DAC)


More recently, in the Campania Region focused its expertise in key sectors linked to Technology and innovation, such as the following:



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