The exhibition areas are strategically located in the central area of the city towards the western sector of Naples. They are easily accessible from anywhere in the city and from the principal hubs and interchanges (airport, railway stations, sea port and motorways), thanks to a large and diverse system of connections. The Mostra d’Oltremare is also served by the Metro system, (several stops are located near the various entrances to the trade fair district), by parking zones for busses, by taxis and by two ring-road connections, all within 10 minutes walking distance or less. It also boasts secure manned indoor parking for cars and coaches, with around 2,000 spaces, indoor and outdoor. There is plenty of choice for parking near the various entrances, where over 5,000 parking places are available.

The Mostra d’Oltremare is an absolutely unique trade show and conference hub in the heart of Naples, open to the Mediterranean and to Europe alike. It has a surface area of over 700,000 sqm, boasting exhibition and conference spaces of modular sizes ideal for any kind of event. The size, services and the notable architectural merits of this large multi-purpose trade fair centre, place it in the top rank of the Italian trade show system.

It is the principal landmark for conferences in Naples and southern Italy, for medium and large size conferences (2000 to 3000 attendees daily) and for conventions of quality and international repute. The Mostra d’Oltremare Convention Park is the principal convention centre of southern Italy. It features the new Oltremare Conference Building (Palacongressi Oltremare), which has 2500 seats, 10 meeting rooms of varying capacities of between 36 and 1200 seats and the Teatro Auditorium, a theatre with a capacity of between 400 and 820 seats, facilitating the ideal organisation of small, medium or large meetings, in addition to the Pavilions that can accommodate up to 3000 attendees.

The versatility of the Mostra d’Oltremare Convention Park enables the organisation of any type of conference or convention: medical congresses, political-trade union meetings, business meetings as well as gatherings ancillary to the trade show events themselves. It also hosts educational and academic events such as seminars, workshops, refresher training courses and competitions.

The fair area is made by 9 exhibition pavilions, representing a total of 50,000 sqm, including open (30,000 sqm) and indoor areas (20,000 sqm), satisfy all the requirements of the diverse trade show sector, and allows trade fairs to be held in optimal conditions at any time of year.

Mostra d'Oltremare
Meeting Rooms

Sala Italia370
Auditorium Europa1155
Sala Ischia498
Sala Eolie 228
Sala Sicilia220
Sala Egadi190
Sala Sardegna120
Sala Capri60
Sala Corsica60
Sala Procida36
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