Naples Maritime Station is located in the city centre, in front of Palazzo San Giacomo, in the other side of the wide Municipio Square. It was built during Fascism, between 1933 and 1936. From there, in 1964, the Pietà by Michelangelo left for New York on Cristoforo Colombo ship. Today, Naples Stazione Marit- tima is divided in two wings, each one being 182 meters long. The external decorations are twelve medallions in Trani stone: among these, eight depict several geographi- cal places (Eastern Africa, Rome, Athens, Cairo, Rio De Janeiro, Calcutta and Naples, of course). The others represent air and sea navigation, a steamboat and a Roman ship. There are four bronze metopes depicting Castore and Polluce and the richness of maritime trade, besides the classic bronze horses.


Today, Naples Stazione Marittima offers modern and efficient infrastructures being among the most important in Naples; these spaces were restored and reorganized by respecting the original architecture to create the Congress Center and the mall. The Congress Center is located in the area overlooking Municipio Square; it has a 3.300 m2 total surface and it is the ideal venue to host conferences, events and exhibitions. Its 18 multi-purpose congress rooms can accommodate a minimum of 20 seats up to a maximum of 1.800.

Stazione Marittima - Meeting Rooms

Sala Agave152120 seats
Sala Perseide234160 seats
Sala Agave + Perseide386280 seats
Sala Calipso12290 seats
Sala Dione234160 seats
Sala Elettra152120 seats
Sala Dione + Elettra386280 seats
Sala Galatea955,60600 seats
Sala Urania653,30170 seats
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