The PalaBarbuto (named after Lello Barbuto, a historical figure in Neapolitan sports journalism) is a sports facility in the city of Naples.

The renovated PalaBarbuto after the adaptation works for the Universities of Naples 2019 was inaugurated in 2003 with a capacity of 4000 seats. Since September 2006, its capacity has increased by 1,500 seats and the hospitality facilities have been improved, even if only with temporary structures, to allow the Neapolitan team to participate in the Euroleague, for which sports halls of at least 5,000 seats are required.

It is located in Viale Giochi del Mediterraneo, adjacent to the Piscina Scandone and opposite what remains of the old Palasport, whose reconstruction, originally planned for 2008, is still on the high seas due to lack of funds. Should the 'Mario Argento' be rebuilt, the PalaBarbuto would then probably have to be dismantled.

In view of the XXX Universiade, the facility has undergone a thorough restyling: the parquet floor has been replaced, as have the lighting system, the changing rooms and the toilets. Safety measures were improved and work was carried out to make the upper grandstand accessible again, bringing the capacity of the hall back up to 5500 seats.

Seats and Capacity

Arena5.500 seats
Parquet1.000 mq
Outdoor4.000 mq
ParkingAuto, Bus, Bikes