The Phlegraean Fields are an "experiential by nature" touristic destination offering its guests and visitors exclusive and engaging experiences, ranging from Food and wine to archeology, not missing trekking, biking, nature, kayaking, sailing and the unique emotion of diving at the Marine Protected Area of Baia.

An immense heritage to be discovered with Campi Flegrei Experience: specialists for your "Phlegraean experience"!

Who we are:

Campi Flegrei Experience, is a project of Sales Blitz, Turismo and Servizi and Campi Flegrei Diving Center, three companies working in the incoming tourism for The Phlegraean Fields and cooperating for many years to develop an integrated, sustainable and innovative tourism model for the destination, organizing events and creating local networks; thus synergies and good practices have been consolidated and Campi Flegrei Experience act, now, as specialized DMC for the Phlegraean Fields area.

What we do:

Campi Flegrei Experience offers its expertize to support companies seeking unique and particular experiences and tourist services in the Phlegrean Fields area for their guests. We can be your land support for all kind of events, tours or excursions in our destination.

Our services:
  • Guided tours to the Archeological Path of Rione Terra in Pozzuoli
  • Diving and Snorkeling at Marine Protected Area of Baia
  • Dramatized Guided Tours
  • Cooking class
  • Winery Tours
  • Wine tasting
  • Transfer service
  • Driver services
  • Guides
  • Experiences activities in Phlegrean Fields
  • Logistic support
  • “Venues” scouting
….and much more! Our members

    is a consulting company founded by Giulio Gambardella, it has long experience in tourism and hotellerie as in cultural events organization made by Flegreando Association. Sales Blitz cooperate since several years in the management of important cultural events organized by phleegrean local networks. Since 2019 Giulio Gambardella is Manager at the Hotellier Association of Campi Flegrei.


    is a Travel Agency in Pozzuoli and an Italian Tour Operator specialized in incoming, a reference point for numerous national and international Tour Operators. Turismo and Servizi avails itself of the collaboration of experts in the sector, able to satisfy any need by addressing companies, associations, agencies, cral, parishes, schools and individuals and offers qualified tourist and environmental guides, tour leaders, entertainers, transfers, hostesses for fairs and conferences, organization of cultural events and professional training in the tourism, environmental, artistic, historical and archaeological sectors. Since 2015 manage the Rione Terra Archaeological Route on behalf of the Municipality of Pozzuoli.


was established in 1992 and is orientated towards recreational diving activities. It has classified as first Italian PADI Diving Center in Italy in the 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016 and 2018. The diving centre is in Lucrino in the Montenuovobeach, direct on the shore of the underwater Archaeology Park of Baiae where all the facilities associated with beach front diving activities.

  • - Guided Tours:

    We offer diving at sites within the sunken city of Baiae, in the Gulf of Naples and around the Phlegraean islands of Ischia and Procida. Transfer to these sites is provided by our own rhibs (8m and 7m). We organise weekend diving packages. Longer holidays and cruises are also regularly arranged both locally and overseas (in partnership with other tourist agencies

  • - Events:

    In association with local agencies, training organisations and clubs the diving centre organises events and informative demonstrations to encourage a more environmentally conscious culture, particularly with respect to gaining a deeper respect for the marine environment and promoting its protection. Experienced instructors and a welcoming atmosphere ensure your diving experience will be both safe and fun.