Worldwide Reps

Worldwide Reps Italia was born from the thirty years of experience in the world of tourism and events in Italy and abroad of its founders. Our mission is to operate at the highest levels of hospitality in the tourism sector by creating innovative, quality products. We follow the new trends of Italian and international tourism with a responsible, experiential, sustainable, personalized and, of course, digitalised. Our goal is to preserve the identity of the place and their inhabitants, putting travelers and local communities at the center. Furthermore, we are committed to developing a vast promotion, information and hospitality activity, through cultural and tourism initiatives, contributing to the knowledge, development and valorisation of the territory, supported by high-level marketing campaigns.


We are a passionate team dedicated to offering unforgettable experiences to tourists in Campania. Our mission is to discover the wonders of this region through an authentic and engaging approach. Here's what sets us apart:

  • local knowledge: our team members live and work in Campania. This allows us to have an in-depth knowledge of the territory, hidden places and local traditions.
  • creativity and innovation: we are constantly looking for new ideas and approaches to make our customers' experiences unique and memorable. Creativity is at the heart of everything we do.
  • dedication and passion: we are passionate about our work and do our utmost to ensure the success of each project. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.
  • genuineness and enthusiasm: communicating the beauty of Campania with authenticity is fundamental for us. We are excited to share our passion for this land with anyone who wants to explore it.

You can count on our experience and the care with which we select every detail of your experiences. We are here to make you experience Campania in the best way possible!


Wordwide Reps partnerships

Worldwide Reps Italia has been selected as Official Partner of the San Carlo Theatre. The experience offers tourists the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magnificence of the greatest Neapolitan musical expression, through personalized and exclusive visits to the famous Neapolitan opera house, symbol of the city of Naples in the world. Tours take place with a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 25 people and visitors will have the opportunity to explore the San Carlo Theater with an expert guide, admiring the splendid interiors, discovering the history of the theater and appreciating its cultural importance. The visits end at the "bouette" of the small foyer of the Theatre and the visitors can enjoy a coffee accompanied by a typical Sfogliatella or opt for an aperitif.

And then Mastro Sarto Experience: a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of sartorial art in Naples! In collaboration with the “Le Mani di Napoli” Association, our project offers tourists an authentic and engaging experience:

  • objective: the main objective of "Mastro Sarto Experience" is to promote the ancient arts and crafts linked to Neapolitan tailoring. We want to make visitors aware of the richness of this tradition and stimulate their interest in the products and production techniques.
  • guided Tour: the tour begins with a short visit to the areas of the city linked to tailoring. Participants will have the opportunity to discover historical places and meet local artisans.
  • course with the Master Tailor: The highlight of the experience is the course held by an expert master tailor. During this session, tourists will come into contact with the tools, materials and systems used in traditional tailoring. Work-related issues will also be addressed, offering a complete vision of this fascinating art.
  • interest stimulation: Our goal is for participants to come away from the experience with a greater awareness and appreciation for tailoring. The knowledge gained during the course will inspire them to experience and appreciate expertly crafted products.

We are proud to be the Exclusive Partner of this project and to contribute to preserving and promoting the artisan traditions of Naples. Welcome to the world of the “Mastro Sarto Experience”!

Worldwide Reps Italia's commitment is to make tourists fall in love with Naples through fantastic itineraries such as the tour of the city seen from the sea.

Sailing in small fishing boats, accompanied by an authorized guide, will allow you to discover some of the hidden gems of this splendid city:

  • Borgo Marinari and Castel dell'Ovo: our itinerary starts from the picturesque Borgo Marinari, where the characteristic Castel dell'Ovo stands. This ancient castle, a legendary fortress with centuries-old walls offers spectacular views of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. Virgiliano Park and the magnificent villas. The tour continues along the coast to reach the area under the Virgiliano Park where you will admire magnificent villas and palaces overlooking the sea. This area is renowned for its natural beauty and elegant residences and your guide will tell fascinating stories about the lives of the nobles who inhabited these homes.
  • Breathtaking panorama in Riva Fiorita: the tour ends in Riva Fiorita, an enchanting village with a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Naples. Here it will be possible to sip an aperitif or enjoy a lunch or dinner in a restaurant overlooking the sea. The crystal clear waters, the colorful boats and the surrounding hills create a postcard atmosphere.

The variety of the offer is obviously completed by tasty gastronomic experiences, pizza lessons and cooking courses in collaboration with carefully selected partners, carried out in suggestive locations that contribute to giving visitors unique and unforgettable experiences!


Experience in tourism and events

WorldWide Reps Italia is a company with solid experience in the world of tourism and events, providing 360° management of products and emotional experiences in Campania. Our mission is to offer high quality services in the tourism sector, creating innovative and personalized products. We specialize in managing corporate events including product launches, meetings, seminars, conferences, roadshows and incentive trips. Some of the services we offer:

  • tours: we organize unique tours and experiences in the splendid region of Campania. From the history of Pompeii and Herculaneum to the beauties of the Amalfi Coast, we offer itineraries tailored to every need.
  • complete assistance: we take care of every logistical aspect of the events, but also of creativity. Our internal graphics department allows us to provide customized graphic proposals for integrated event management.
  • exclusive experiences: we have some unique and exclusive experiences.
  • team building: customizable in Campania, choosing from activities such as trekking, theatrical visits, grape harvest tours, boat or canoe tours, cooking classes and food and wine experiences with quizzes and team games.
  • destinations: we cover all of Campania at 360°.