A fascinating journey through time among the locomotives and trains which united Italy from 1839 to modern times, spanning the 170-year history of the Italian railways. It is a unique exhibition venue on the national scene and one of the most fascinating railways in Europe.

Nestled between the sea and Mount Vesuvius with a spectacular view over the Gulf of Naples, the Museum is housed in a carefully restored Bourbon factory, the Royal Workshop for Mechanical Works, Ammunition production and Locomotive manufacture, founded by Ferdinand II Bourbon in 1840.

The Pietrarsa railway museum was opened in 1989. It covers a surface area of 36,000 square metres, including a covered area of 14,000 square metres. The external spaces overlooking the sea and the charming interiors help establish the National Railway Museum in Pietrarsa as an ideal location for hosting prestigious events up to 2,500 participants. It is one of the widest congress centres in South Italy, where it is possible to organise meetings, receptions, fashion shows, exhibitions and much more.

Museo di Pietrarsa - Meeting Rooms

Padiglione delle Locomotive a Vapore 800 seats
Padiglione delle Carrozze a “Littorine” 400 seats
Padiglione delle Locomotive Diesel 400 seats
Sala dei Cinquecento 500 seats
Sala Cinema 120 seats
Sala dei Macchinari 600 seats
Padiglione del Modellismo – La Cattedrale 400 seats
Foyer 200 seats
Sala Convegni 120 seats
Sala Biblioteca 70 seats
Sala Riunioni 20 seats
Terrazza sul mare 1500 seats
Anfiteatro300 seats
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